A Drill Guide That Makes Work Easier

Interested in how to remove rivets? Remove rivets without causing any excess damage to the metal with Loyd's Rivet Drill Guide. Our Ferris, Texas-based facility created an aircraft tool, which prevents drill bits from skating off the heads of rivets, and double drilling holes . Drilling freehand causes the hole in the rivet to be off-centered; this ruins the structure, as well as damages the paint job. Benjamin Franklin once wrote that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In the case of the Loyd's Rivet Drill Guide, it couldn't be closer to the truth. Remove any rivet size with no hassle!

Save Money On Production Costs

Eliminate potential waste while removing the rivets. The hole this aircraft tool forms allows FBO's, MRO's and other aircraft maintenance facilities to save on maintenance costs, time, materials, and labor. Make reworking faster and issue-free by creating clean-cut, symmetrical holes. When botches happen, work gets delayed, and engineers become involved in doing basic maintenance work. Fortunately for you, our aircraft tool solves that problem.

Improve Productivity

Getting work done safer and easier is what this rivet removal tool is designed to do. Each drill guide works with threaded bits, as well as straight jobber bits. Because of their compact design, they are able to work in tight areas, such as inside aircraft wings or under floors. The foot of each guide is designed to fit within the pitch of most rivet patterns. The guides are compatible with any:

1/4 Inch Drill | 90 Degree Drill | 45 Degrees Drill | Snake Drill | Pancake Drill

Use Our Kits Anywhere

For aircraft maintenance or any rivet removal project, count on our kits to be practical in any work environment. The case and tools are red, so they are easily found when misplaced or dropped. They also have a hinged lid with an O-ring seal and three over-center cam latches. The hard case is vapor- and moisture-tight, allowing it to float on water. It even stays well protected in harsh environments.

Tools That Never Let You Down

Count on our tools to be reliable on the job. Each kit is designed to be simple and easy to use. The kit contains five different size drill guides, each made from hardened American-made steel, five matching cobalt jobber drill bits, and Boelube™ 70104.

Purchase a Kit

When you're ready for a safer way to perform rivet removal, check our distributors and purchase your kits. Read our tutorial link for instructions on how to use them properly. Our tools are sold from the following companies:


Jay-Cee Sales and Rivet, Inc.


Aircraft Tool Supply Company


Hanson Rivet & Supply Company


Spenro Aircraft Tools


Wicks Aircraft Supply


Aero Performance


The Wag Aero Group


California Power Systems

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co.


Sky Geek

Rapid Rivet


Drill Bit Warehouse