The Cleanest Way
to Remove a Rivet

Removing rivets may cause damage when it is done incorrectly. Even the most experienced mechanics may err from time to time. When you use Loyd's Rivet Drill Guide to assist with removing them, you get perfect rivet holes every time.

Drill Guide Kits

MRO and FBO aircraft maintenance facilities are saving money and increasing their productivity while working on sheet metal by using Loyd's Rivet Drill Guide. Our Ferris, Texas company has designed a tool that eliminates the potential problem associated with removing rivets.


EFFORTLESSLY REMOVE RIVETS: The Ultimate Tool for Seamless Dismantling. Our easy to use rivet removal kit works effectively and will increase your productivity on the job. These kits are perfect for those working in aviation and other sheet metal-related fields. Using this rivet removal tool helps save time and prevent costly waste.