Learn About How We Got Started

Our company launched in August of 2014. We are proud to be a 100% US Made Texas owned business. With the assistance of Senior Engineer, Gary Loyd designed a rivet removal tool that would allow any person, experienced or not, to remove rivets from sheet metal with no errors. This rivet removal tool is so precisely machined that it will allow workers to drill "dead center" rivet holes, every time.

The rivet removal tool kit we produce allows FBO's and MRO's to save money while working on large projects that use rivets. The sheet metal mechanics also are able to get jobs done faster, without any botched holes to halt production.

While performing maintenance on aircrafts, sheet metal mechanics often find themselves trying to remedy botched rivet holes, and it ends up taking up lots of valuable time and resources. Drill bits can (skate) off the head of the rivet and gouge the skin around the rivet. We wanted mechanics to have a aviation tool to make their lives easier, as well as not having to deal with these problems, a rivet removal tool that FBO's and MRO's can see an increase in their profits.

So, after some discussion, trial, and error, we came up with the Rivet Drill Guide, which works perfectly. We are confident that this is the perfect tool for drilling out rivets. We are also happy in knowing that the workers who use our guides are going to have less mistakes in the workplace.