Drill bit with Drill Guide Letter- D
April 8, 2023
Rivet Drill Guide Kits -10 Kits
April 24, 2023
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Drill bit with Drill Guide # 13



Drill bit with Drill Guide # 13

Set conical recess over rivet head. Hold firmly with two fingers, making sure there is no movement from side to side. Dip drill bit in lube, insert drill into bore of guide and drill. Usually there is no need to drill much past the thickness of the rivet head in depth. After the head is drilled, the rivet can be punched out with little effort.

The guides allow you to drill straight and center every time. They are compact, easy to grip and easy to spot if dropped. They were designed to eliminate double drilled holes and drill bits “skating” off of rivets.In The BoxHigh Speed Jobber Cobalt Drill Bits